Saturday, December 18, 2010

First Food

It was time for rice cereal. He was ready. Two days we gave it a go. I tried to get as close to 6 months as I could. I am kind of weird like that. I figured get as close to the recommended age so hopefully I will have the most success as possible. Instead of going weeks trying solids with little success because he wasn't ready. When we eat, he watches us like crazy. Jeff did the honors.
He had us laughing. He tried to eat the rice cereal from the spoon like a kitty. Much like he nurses if you know what I mean. He tried to lap it up with his tongue. He actually really liked it. He just didn't really know how to do it.
Finally he got the hang of it and he has been eating a little in the morning and at night. He was getting to the point where he would be left a little hungry and he needed something a little heavier in his belly. We tried bottles awhile ago and that was a big no go. He was so frustrated with several that we tried, so I am solely it for now and I needed something to fill him up a little more. For my sake and his. Soon enough we will be trying all of the fun stuff.

3 clever remarks:

Megan and Greg said...

So fun. I can't wait to feed Scarlet. Doesn't it all just fly by?! It's amazing!

Danielle said...

haha- he is such a cutie! I love his facial expressions...kinda like...what's going on?!?! Soooo cute.

HeidiT said...

I was just thinking this week about when you would start solids. I have an employee that just started hers on them - she showed me a really good website that talks all about making your own baby food and shares lots of info. I'll have to find the name for you.