Tuesday, January 18, 2011

6 Months

Brecken recently turned 6 months old which ment that we would be headed to the doctor for a visit. Jeff and Heidi had both mentioned that he looked like he was thinning out. I figured he was just growing taller because he still felt heavy to carry around every day. Brecken weighed in at 14.11oz. He lost almost a 1lb. He measured 26.25in so he gained about 2 inches. The poor guy at an ear infection during that time as well as a viral skin infection recently. So those things could have contributed to the weight loss. Doctor M. thought that her girls weren't weighing him right because he had gained consistantly that we had to weigh him again. The results didn't change. So...she wanted me to start supplementing with formula.
The nightmare began. Brecken would not take anything! I resorted to just letting him scream and cry until he was hungry enough to try any one of our billion options. He eventually took a sip but nothing more. I tried to have Jeff feed him and leave the room but that didn't matter. I finally resorted to some facebook help (I rarely post things on there) and asked for some advice. Many of my friends suggested going straight to a sippy cup. So did. He ended up liking the cheap Nuby sippies that we had around from Gunnar's days. I mixed formula with a little bit of pear juice the first few times. Holy smokes, what a breakthrough. He still struggled at the beginning but we finally found what works. He now gets excited when he sees the sippy cup. The sad thing is that we were starving our child for the last month or so. He drinks about 4-6oz from the sippy after I nurse him. That doesn't say much for how much he is getting from me.
Now that he is fully fed, he is sleeping better at night (duh!) and he is hilarious. I thought he was a great, mellow baby before but man has he blossomed now that he is well fed. He is so funny and constantly happy. He is interested in independant play longer. He cracks us up. Sadly, I think nursing is going to be a thing of the past in a few days. He is not even close to being satisfied after nursing and frankly I am surprised that I was able to nurse this long.

So what else is this sweet little guy up to besides eating? He still does not roll over. He is following in the footsteps of his brother completely. He is so close to sitting up on his own. He loves to eat. He loves bananas, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, applesauce, pears, cereals. He does NOT like green beans. He tried them the first time, he tried them again for good measure, the third time was a no go. He looked away and would not open his mouth. I made up a bunch of homemade baby food and froze it. I used a site that Heidi learned about from her coworker called Wholesome Baby Food. It explains things so easily.
We just love our Breckie Boy so much. He is a great addition to our family. Where he is at is so much fun. We have to take him back in a month for another weight check. Jeff and I both feel that he is getting heavier already. We are so thankful for healthy kids.
As I was taking Brecken's puppy picture, Gunnar wanted to give photography a shot. He was making me laugh with all of his demands on what to do and what not to do. He actually did a great job.

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HeidiT said...

I came home today and told Ren that our happy Breckie boy is back! I swear I haven't seen him smile for weeks until today. I'm so glad he's finally taking the sippy. Gunnar did a great job taking the picture!

Elizabeth said...

It is amazing how much they change when they start getting the right amount of food. I have done that with all three of my kids-(you would think I would learn after one) I just have never made enough milk on my own and always have to supplement.
He is such a cutie.

Brittney said...

Such cute boys you have!! Brecken has the chunkies cheeks and they look SO kissable. Glad to hear things are on the right track and that it seems to be getting back to normal!!

Joleen said...

Meg did the same thing between 4 and 6 months. But since the beginning of Nov.she has put on 5 pounds!!!!