Wednesday, January 12, 2011

On Two Wheels

No more 4-wheels as in training wheels. Gunnar got his shiny red bike for Christmas. On December 28th, I headed to a baby shower for a friend. While I was gone apparently Jeff and Gunnar took the bike for a spin. Jeff was shocked. He held onto Gunnar a couple of steps and let go and Gunnar was riding on his own. So exciting. It was super dark so I didn't get any pictures but we headed to the church next door for practice.
We bundled Brecken up, put him in the stroller and all watched Gunnar ride around in circles for a while. Jeff and I were laughing so hard. He was riding so slow most of the time it looked like he was about ready to fall over. He also clipped the stroller and ran into Jeff when he had the entire parking lot. He was giddy with excitement. One the way back over to the house, we told him that he needed to get speed to go up the slight curb. He rounded the truck and we couldn't see him. When we got to him, he had hit the curb/juniper bush, fell off the bike with it half on top of him and was slightly under the truck. I thought that I would pee my pants I was laughing so hard. We are so proud of him. He was so ready for the big 2-wheeler.

3 clever remarks:

Penny Cluff said...

Oh,Kristi, he is growing up so fast. I bet he is so proud of himself.

HeidiT said...

I was so shocked to see him just cruising around the other day. He's just so fearless and just goes for it!


HAHAHAHAH- that is so hilarious. I can just imagine you guys seeing him half way under a truck trying not to laugh- so hilarious. I don't know how I'm not going to laugh at my children some day- kids are so hilarious. I also love how he had teh whole parking lot and managed to run into to you guys- so funny. That's awesome he can do a two wheeler! So exciting! Must feel weird to have hin old enough to be ablet o do that too.