Monday, February 28, 2011

02.04.11 First Bruiser

Brecken was playing on the floor as I was doing something in the office. Gunnar was happily playing trains on the desktop when all of a sudden a train came crashing down on Brecken. Of course he started crying so I swooped him up and cuddled. All was well until Gunnar said I had blood on my face. Poor little guy had a bleeding owie by his eye and it wouldn't stop. Thus his very first bandaid. What a trooper.

3 clever remarks:

shellysanford said...

ouch! Well the little man will toughen up in no time having a big brother:)cute picture by the way.

katy said...

Poor little man. I was just thinking the other day how Ivy never really got hurt until she was 2. Cove gets hurt all of the time because there is an older kid in the house. He looks like a trooper.


that's really sad- but that picture is really cute!