Wednesday, March 2, 2011

2 Movie Tickets for $9!

One of the daily deals on one of the sites is 2 Fandango movie tickets for $9!! That is so incredibly cheap given that tickets are so spendy. Jeff and I never go because they are spendy and I can't think of spending money on something so expensive. Anyway, you are only allowed to do it once and they expire June 6th. I was really hoping to be able to save them for when we go to see Cars 2 this summer but I think Cars comes out a couple days after the expiration date. Regardless, there has to be something we want to see in the mean time.
I easily found it using Boise as the city. This deal can be used anywhere in the US since you have to redeem them through the Fandango website.
Heidi, you want to swap babysitting if you get this deal? ;)

3 clever remarks:

HeidiT said...

Got mine! After my fun movie theater experience this last weekend of pacing the aisle and siting by myself in the front row with Cami I am definitely game for kid swapping for a date night!

Megan and Greg said...

We spray painted primer on it first and then a couple coats of spray paint. But it was a LOT of paint. The chair we were given from someone in the ward, who was moving. It was just a random chair. I know we love it! I wish there were more!


that's awesome! Ok- I just have to telly ou this: ha- your music that's on your blog- doesn't start right away, ha- so I was looking at your blog- and then all of a sudden this loud music, heavy acoustic guitar starts, and I FREAKED OUT! I totally jumped and almost dropped the laptop- And then I felt embarrassed and nobody was even there- ha.