Saturday, February 26, 2011

Knife Block

What can you do in about 20 minutes. Redo your knife block of course. Jeff and I were cleaning our house getting it ready for the young men from church to come over and I've been wanting to paint this for some time. Painted it with black spray paint, lightly sanded the edges and followed it up with polyacrylic applied with a foam brush. I love it. It looks so much cleaner and updated. Cheap, quick, easy projects anyone can do.

I was at the paint store a while ago getting white paint chips to paint our kitchen cabinets one day and found this one:
Who would have ever thought that my family name would be on a paint chip. I wasn't even looking for greens and for some reason this one jumped out.

5 clever remarks:

katy said...

How cute, I am so copying you and painting ours. I hate the way it looks and never even thought about painting it. I like hollingsworth green. That is so funny your name is a color. I wonder if there is a cluff color. I really doubt it. Lol

HeidiT said...

I never thought of painting it! I am copying you too...eventually...some day...when I have any type of spare time. That's too funny about the paint, totally random.

Mindy said...

Hollingsworth paint chip... crazy!


I love that knife block! That is awesome! I will totally do that. That's funny about the name- I always love it when I find Arnold on things.

{beth} said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the knife block... it makes me want to do mine and not stop there... I want to paint my dated oak cabinets like that too, and I have a huge built in book shelf I would have to change as well.
The knife block is a great place to start, really love it, thanks for sharing :)