Saturday, February 26, 2011

7 Months

We had to go into the doctors for a follow up weight check and found out that Brecken weighs 18lbs even. We are so thrilled with his weight gain. He gained 4lbs in one month.

He makes us laugh a lot. He is so helpful when I dress him. I put his little pants up to his chunky legs and tell him to push or kick his legs and he kicks them in. He is so proud of himself. He adores Gunnar and lights up when he comes around...most of the time. He was so close to sitting up but was not quite there. He loves to be close and loves to cuddle. He is so incredibly calm still and pretty quiet for the most part. He sleeps pretty well, waking only once in the early morning hours now that he is fully fed. We started sign language. He laughs like crazy at it and probably thinks it is a total joke. Gunnar gets into it too which is pretty funny because he does it mostly wrong. We are pretty sure that he can say mama. When he is upset his mmm's come out pretty clear. He is still pretty bald but we wouldn't trade him for anything.

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katy said...

He is such a cutie. He looks like a sweet heart in his pictures. Cove is so wild and hard to get dressed. I hope this baby is more cuddly and still like breken. That way they can even each other out. I can't believe how time is flying. 7 months already.

HeidiT said...

He's the same size as the dog now! I love our little Breckie boy, he's so chill and happy all of the time.