Tuesday, February 8, 2011

You Can't Eat Humans

Do you hear certain songs and memories of where you might of heard it or the time period in your life comes back. I am listening to the radio right now and the hips-don't-lie song from Shakira song is on. I immediately thought of the time that my entire family headed up to Leavenworth Washington. All of the fun memories came back. Now the song "today is gonna be the day that their gonna throw it back to you..." song just came on. Memories from high school came back because that was when it was on all the time. Does that happen to you? Funny how songs can do that. "...and after all, your my wonder waaaaallll..."

Yesterday we had FHE. Gunnar is SO good at reminding us that it is FHE. Actually he mentions it everyday in hopes that that day is FHE day. Last night we did a family tree activity from the Friend. He is at a fun age (and challenging age) where he knows how to count and can recognize things. Anyway, we were doing this family tree activity and Jeff was describing what a family tree is and how your family branches out like a tree and he would be at the bottom like a trunk. Oh man. The looks on his face were hilarious. His brow was furrowed so much trying to figure it out because Jeff then told him to imagine family members as fruit on the tree. Bad, bad comparison for a four old because he said, "How can you do that. You can't eat humans." I was about to bust up laughing. Jeff and I laugh just about every FHE because of the things he says trying to figure stuff out. It reminded me of the body parts books by Ted Arnold. They are hilarious. You really should look them up. There are 3 different ones. One page in the book says, "My stomach is growling." There is a picture of the boy with a mouth on his stomach growling. You start thinking about it and it sounds so rediculous and confusing to a kid. They make me laugh and Gunnar thinks they are great. As you can imagine he asks all sorts of questions.

I was reading in one of those as your kid grows type of emails and they mentioned that kids at Gunnar's age talk and talk and talk and never stop. They explained that at this age the part of their brain that aids in self control is not really developed yet. Now it makes sense why we can't get him to stop and why his primary teachers tell us that he (and the other kids) talk so much without thinking. We are working on it but now I have actual facts to back that up.

The weather is so cold but it is sunny. I just had to get that out there. I can handle cold but the sun is so welcoming. It makes me want to work on things so much more. I would also like to add that my house has been pretty clean for about 3 weeks. For a while there the house always had toys everywhere or clothes in the rooms all over. I just lacked motivation to do it and then would get to a point that I was just a little overwhelmed and did nothing. My house is not bad by any means but just the little bit of stuff everywhere would make me crazy. Jeff and I laugh because our house is usually picked up but he flips out and says that our house is turning into a hoarder house. Oh brother. We then go to other peoples houses and realize that our house is pretty clean and organized. I still haven't understood how huge stains on carpets or writing on the walls doesn't bug people. I've had things spill on the carpet but I clean it up immediately. Some people just leave them. I don't get it. Jeff and I have figured out that if we invite people over, it forces us to clean our house well. That is what helped jump start us at the beginning of December. We should have people over once a month to keep us on our toes. I have seriously considered it.

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Mindy said...

Shakira will always remind me of that trip! And right before I read your post I watched a news report about car surfing and how a kid just died doing it. More memories from that trip! Haha.

katy said...

I know what you mean about the songs and memories. I do the same thing with smells. Gunnar is so funny. How good that he reminds you it's family night. You are right about the sun too. There is something about winter that is almost paralyzing. It is way harder to get things done. Maybe that's why there is such thing as spring cleaning.

HeidiT said...

Yeah I totally do that with songs too. Gunnar's always talking about FHE and what you did for it - I used to think that it was just because he knew there were treats involved but he actually always talks about the lessons!

Derek, Rachel and Cadence said...

We do the same thing at our house. We usually spend about an hour or two (usually an hour because don't budget our time wisely) on a cleaning spree. And we always say we should invite people over once a month to get our house clean! :)