Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Brotherly Love

As Brecken gets older and older, the better it gets to watch Gunnar and Brecken's relationship grow. We have our moments but the good ones are so sweet. I love how Brecken just lights up when Gunnar comes around. He gets so incredibly excited. His little eyes light up. In the mornings, Breckie gets so excited when he sees me but he gets over the top excited when Gunnar walks in.
February 23rd we ventured into the combined bath. Gunnar thought it was the best thing ever. Brecken not always so much. It did not help that Gunnar continued to poor water over his head. Over all they enjoy baths together.
I went to take their picture together and told Gunnar to sit sideways or something to cover his boy parts, he grabbed a nesting cup and stuck it on top. I was laughing pretty hard. But when I took the picture, Brecken took care of everything and let a bath book float over just in time.
I love both of my boys and would not want it any other way. They are perfect for each other. I love my skinny mini and my baby boy with majorly segmented arms.

2 clever remarks:

Kimberly said...

I love watching Gage play with his siblings. He always crawls and sits right in the middle of what they are doing, and then looks at them like, "what's going on guys?"

Shauna said...

It is so much fun when they start playing with each other. I love the segmented parts picture...those are some seriously chubby arms...ha ha!