Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I finally did it!

I finally took the babies out by myself February 28th. I was determined. I put summer shorts for Gunnar on hold at Other Mothers, a local kids consignment store. I had to get them that day and I really hate leaving my house anytime after about 3ish. The traffic and places in general starts getting a little busier. I could be making that up but that is how it feels to me. Anyway, I dropped Jeff off at work and he informed me that I needed to also stop at Lowes for some tile something or other that he needed. I can do that. I decided to stop there first. I took Brecken out of his carseat and he sat in the cart (he can do that now-such a big boy) and Cami in the main part. What?! They didn't even have what I needed. Heck, they didn't even really know what I was talking about. Off to Home Depot I go where I know they have what I needed. This time, the ladies at the front of the store saw me and came running to my aid with a cart excited to see someone with two babies. They oohed and aahed over them. It was pretty funny. I got what I needed and headed to Other Mothers. Same set up and got what I needed. By this point Cami was long gone. She had been asleep, I think, right after we left my house. Brecken fell asleep after Other Mothers. I felt on a roll and headed to Albertsons for formula because I really didn't want to go later if I was already out. This time I had Cami in the main part of the cart and Brecken in his carseat up top. It was probably quite the scene. I was just waiting for someone to ask if I had twins, but nobody really did. The closest I got were the Home Depot ladies. Ren had just gotten to my house when we pulled up. Perfect timing. Cami was way zonked out. I was told that she slept another hour in her carseat for Ren when he got home. It was actually a really enjoyable two hours with the babes.

3 clever remarks:

{beth} said...

How cute are they? I can't wait to run into you out and about with the babies... I think that is a hoot.

You are so courageous... it's all fun when they are happy, but what if something goes array and there's puking and crying and screaming involved... times TWO!! Courage of a lion I tell you!!

HeidiT said...

I love how they are both looking at you like, "oh crap - what is she planning on doing with us?" Your brave, I barely leave the house with my own baby, let alone two, haha!

Megan and Greg said...

Holy camole. You are a brave woman. I cannot even IMAGINE going out with two carseats. Yikes. Man, I wish Scarlet would stay asleep in the seat that long. She always wakes up once we get in the store. So frustrating. Congrats on all the new bundles coming. So exciting.