Saturday, April 30, 2011


Gunnar needed a haircut badly. He cries everytime. Wait...he SCREAMS everytime. It sounded like someone was dying on our back patio. It gets so annoying. What he doesn't like are the clippers next to his ears. He says it hurts and is too loud. He always complained about loud noises. The only way that we could get him to get a haircut is Jeff telling him he will give him an awesome mohawk (he called it a mohaw for a while and we convinced him it would be just like Rillz). He was on board.
The next day was Easter but we had Stake Conference too. I was really wishing it was normal church. I really want to see the looks from people in the ward. You see, people think Jeff as this straight laced, pretty serious person. People have straight out told him that. He tends to hold callings with great responsibility and when it comes to church stuff he is serious about it. But anyone that knows him well knows differently. I would love to see the looks on their faces when the serious YM Presidents son walks in with a little mohawk. I guess I get to see it this Sunday.
Gunnar loves it and frankly we like it too. However I think attitude came along with it. He is crazy and insane. Or maybe turning 5 days earlier could be it. Coincidence maybe. When Gunnar is crazy, I tell Jeff to cut the thing off so he stops. (Please ignore the earwax in the picture. That is so gross.)

4 clever remarks:

Jess said...

Oh my goodness!!!! I LOVE his hair! SO adorable!

Mindy said...

Pretty exciting! Just like Rillz. He was SO proud to show us his mohawk when we walked in the door.

HeidiT said...

It looks so cute, I love it. After nap on Monday I got out the hair gel and comb at work and we "fixed" it so that it would be spiked up the rest of the afternoon too.

Elizabeth said...

Awesome hair cut! It makes him look so much older. That is too funny that an attitude came along with it. :)