Saturday, April 30, 2011


We inherited a Betta fish from a party.
Who seriously names it Eyeballs.
Gunnar of course, after much serious thought on the 30 minute ride home.
He is actually still alive and swimmin'.

Side fact:

I had a red Betta fish named Buceo for about 4 years in high school. It kept going and going. I think it finally died after I slowly neglected its tank.

2 clever remarks:

Jess said...

LOL!...Eyeballs?!...That is pretty funny.

HeidiT said...

I keep forgetting to check - but I believe that I have an extra fishbowl
(bigger than the one right now) in the closet at work that we don't need. I usually just clean the bowl at work every 2 wks or so and ours usually live for a few years!

Eyeballs...still can't get over that one! The kids named ours at work Santa Claus :)