Friday, May 13, 2011

All for $0.00

We are in Bend Oregon while Jeff attends a work conference. We have a lot of fun here and it makes it even better that it is a beautiful place with lots of outdoor things to do. As we had hours to explore the place while Jeff was at work, we stumbled upon the local Walmart. I remembered that I had coupons still in my purse that made Nivea body wash for free. However, every time I happened to be at Walmart in Idaho I would check the shelves to find them all sold out. I honestly think they intentionally don't stalk the shelves until the coupons expire. Anyway, I remembered that I had them AND Oregon does not have sales tax (plus they expired this week too).

I got my 5 bottles of body wash and went to the check stand. She rang them all in and then scanned my coupons to find that the total was NOTHING! She seriously didn't know what to do. She just sat there and said that she needed to talk to the supervisors because she never had this happen before. I really found it funny. She flagged one of them down and he stared at it too. He walked over to the other supervisor who said it was fine. So he comes over and explains that what I need to do is buy 5 bottles to use the coupon. No kidding...we already did that and rang them in. Anyway, after about 5-10 minutes of standing there she checked us out and we were on our way with 5 completely free bottles of body wash. This Walmart was so teeny. It was weird but I have a feeling the majority of the town does not shop there. Now that I think about it, everything is teeny. The Costco was a mini size, their Target and Michaels was pretty small.

3 clever remarks:

Brittney said...

That is AWESOME!! I think it's hilarous that they were dumb founded by the total!! Like you were stealing it or something! LOL!!

shellysanford said...

LOL! I love it!! way to go!!

shellysanford said...

I actually had a walgreens experience last took the cashiers for ever to figure it out, we will have to get together and tell stories.