Thursday, June 2, 2011

10 Months

Oh boy, we are 5 days out from Brecken turning 11 months and here I am just now documenting 10 months.
Right after his 10 month mark, he must have worn himself out somehow. Still not really sure what wore him out but two days in a row he slept from 5pm to 8am! Wow! I kept peeking in there to make sure he was still breathing. He didn't wake up once. Crazy baby. He also signed milk so clearly. It was insane. His little fingers were slowly, oh so slowly, were making the sign. It was pretty cute and he was so proud. The next day I was changing his diaper and was blowing with my lips. He put his little lips together and did the same thing. He didn't spit every where or make raspberry noises. He has since done it numerous times. What a smarty. He celebrated Gunnar's birthday with us and had his first Easter. He also experienced his first sucker at the beginning of May. He was in love!
Still not on the move, which I don't mind. I know that one day he will be so I am happy putting off mobility for a little longer. I've always wondered why parent's push this milestone so much and then when they start moving complain about it. I would much rather deal with it later than earlier. Even though Brecken can't really move, he sure can reach for things. We like to say he has go go gadget arms. He has a long reach. Like this wood in his mouth. Where did that come from? We love our roly poly guy. He is such a sweet cuddly baby.

5 clever remarks:

Shauna said...

what a cutie! love those chubby cheeks and arms. I agree with the mobility thing...just enjoy them whatever stage they're in.

HeidiT said...

I can't believe he's almost a year already, it has flown by!

shellysanford said...

I just want to hug him he is so cute!

Megan and Greg said...

Scarlet doesn't crawl yet either! But you walk by anything and suddenly it's in her hands! I love the go gadget arms comment. I can sooooo relate. He is SUCH a cutie. That grin and those cheeks. He just looks like so much fun!

katy said...

I get the not wanting them to be on the move thing. It took Ivy and Cove awhile to crawl and I didn't mind. However cove never really learned to hold his bottle but right when he turned 1 he learned to hold a sippy. What a little cutie. His cheeks are so big a red. They remind me of sheenas baby pictures. I am excited to meet him. I didn't meet Gunnar until he was 4 so this is going to be fun watching you with a baby. I can't wait.