Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gluten Free Website

Man oh man I have so many things to blog about. I just got back from St. George Utah with my mom for a week visiting family. I also need to post about my square foot garden this year. It is SO awesome! I love going out there and just staring at it as if it is going to get up and walk away at any point. I also need to post about Brecken turning 11 months but he turns one years old next week so that is way behind. I wanted to post about why I love craigslist and all of the random fun things that I have aquired recently and how I plan to transform them. But here I am writing this post solely to post a link to a gluten free blog. Why!? I have 2 cousins that could greatly benefit from this.

I was at a family get together a couple of days ago and one of them asked if we had a gluten free Sacrament at church. I had no idea what they were talking about. One mentioned that they served rice cakes for those that needed something gluten free the other stated that they had a section of the chapel where all those that needed gluten free sat and were served a special whatever for their sacrament. They mentioned that visitors reactions are quite funny when they get a different sacrament but didn't know any different. Then one person started questioning the gluten free diet eluding to it as a fad. Okay, I do understand that some people just choose to have a gluten free diet because it does seem like the fad thing to do, however I have 3 family members that I know HAVE to have a gluten free diet for their health. Two of them (they are married) have Lyme disease and in order to battle the disease a gluten free diet is so incredibly important. The other one is a cousin that has a 3 year old daughter with celiac and in order to stay healthy she must have a gluten free diet. So much that sweet little Ivy can't even play with normal play dough. Anyway, I was on Pinterest. Heard of it? One of the greatest sites for ideas on anything. You "pin" it to your board for future reference. Anyway, one of my friends posted a gluten free site on her board. It is called Gluten Free in SLC. I was blown away with the extent of their recipes. They had anything from brownies, to panda express orange chicken, to chicken parmesan. My cousins may already be aware of this site but I figured it was worth mentioning because they had so many yummy things that were all gluten free.

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Danielle said...

I don't think I have seen that site before- thanks for sharing it! I'm definitely going to take a look through some of those recipes:)

katy said...

Haha, I had know idea at all. Thankyou. I will check it out. The orange chicken thing sounds great. I used to buy the packets before Ivy was diagnosed but I haven't had it since. Maybe I will make it and surprise curtis. It was fun having you here. I wish we all lived closer. BTW, it kinda annoys me when people go gluten free for no reason. But I am also happy about it because now it's the fad food is getting easier to find by the minute.

Megan and Greg said...

The rug under our high chair I JUST got at Target. Just a few days ago. Yours might have one.