Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It Needed An Update

We had this horrid track lighting in our dining room since we moved in. It drove me nuts because it was so ugly. I saw an idea of a blog of a Pottery Barn knock off and went with it. I searched high and low for a light fixture that would work and finally found this baby for $7 at the local ReStore. I had Jeff take out the glass and then spray painted it a silver nickel finish. It was ugly brass before. We installed it and put in the bulbs. I love the pattern of light it gives off.
I still need to paint the burnt orange walls in the house and do a bazillion other projects. Such is life, right?

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katy said...

Way better than track lighting for sure. Looks great. We have track lighting in the house we are in now. I hate it. I am so happy we are building a house.