Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy Birthday America and Brecken Boy PART 1

We had a great 4th of July this year. I have decided that 4th of July is one of my very favorite holidays. It was made even better when I had a child to celebrate it with. This year we took in everything that was offered and then topped it off with a birthday party in the evening for Brecken. We'll see what happens in your to come but it is sort of a challenge to have a birthday close to a holiday. I didn't really want to have a 4th BBQ and then another that weekend days later. Kind of redundant. But then I don't really want to have a party every 4th so people don't feel trapped into coming because of his party. Anyway, it was on the 4th and I took full advantage of it.

We started the day off with our ward breakfast at 8am. It was nice to be able to have a yummy breakfast made for you on such a busy day.

Afterwards we headed to the parade and secured our usual spot. This year Heidi and fam joined in. It was fun and the excitement from the kiddos is really contagious. This year the parade was so darn short. It was going along nicely and then all of a sudden, BAM!, it was over. You kind of had to look around and look for people moving further up the route to make sure it was really over. Anyway, we lathered up with sunscreen and some of us had sunscreen mohawks.

We were minus 3 kids this year as they celebrated with their other families. We sure did miss them.

I had to include the picture of Brecken and Jeff even though he is not looking because look at that dimple! It was hidden in his chubby cheeks this entire time.

This is actually a really good picture of Ren and probably kind of like a rare artifact. I just realized I don't get pictures of him that much. Poor guy had double ear infections for about a week and could not hear at all.

Brecken is a waving machine and it really didn't help that everyone waved. The floats were constantly waving and the spectators were waving. Everyone waves. He loved it! Once he got a flag, he was a more patriotic waving machine. He loved every minute of it. Another great thing is that the babies were not scared of the loud firetrucks or anything. They sat there completely oblivious to it all.

Some group every year hands out Otter Pops. Oh boy were the babies in for a treat and in total love with the pops when they were done. They loved them! They were in heaven.

Afterwards we headed to the park where they had a petting zoo of the cutest baby animals like a zebra, camel, pigs, ponies, etc. We also brought a picnic lunch and towards the end a brawl insued:

Brecken: Hey look Cami. I have a flag.

Brecken: Do you want to play with it.

Brecken: Come on take my flag!

Brecken: Come on Cami, take the darn flag!

Cami: I do not want your darn flag! Take that!

Brecken: Do not touch me. I am not going to take that from you.

Cami: You better leave me alone or I am going to poke your eyes out (as you can see Heidi is working hard at seperating their hands. They were going after each other)

Brecken became the victor after Heidi and Ren left shortly after this incident. It was really funny. They were just going to town and Heidi had to work hard at keeping them both away from each other. It had us laughing pretty hard. In real life, I hope they become best of friends.

Afterwards we headed home for a little bit of recoup and naps and then went to my mom's house for the BBQ and birthday party. That will come in part 2 as I realized this is getting forever long and I am getting tired typing and uploading photos this late at night. So stay tuned for the birthday boy...

4 clever remarks:

Jess said...

Ok I LOVE the waving thing! Emma is obsessed with it too. It make people happy when babies wave at them.

Brecken is getting SO big! And it's the cutest thing ever that your kids have dimples! They are just SO stinking cute!!

Jess said...

Seriously your kids are ridiculous amounts of adorable! :)

Penny Cluff said...

I just caught up on six weeks of posts. Your garden looks great by now I am sure. I have been bottling peppers like crazy. It was so nice to look at your posts from your trip here. There is only one word to describe it, well two words....SO SWEET. We loved the time you spent with us. Your posts about the kids made me want to hug them so hard. Love you.

HeidiT said...

The parade was so fun, definitely a good tradition. Camden and Brecken's first fight adorable :)