Thursday, July 28, 2011

Shoulder Cut Boston Butt

Jeff is the Young Mens President in our ward so he is over the boys ages 16 and 17 years old. This Saturday they are doing an activity where they will be cooking a picnic dinner for the girls of the same age in our ward. Rillz, Mindy's boyfriend (can't stand the word fiance, sorry) will be guiding them along as they prep the food. They LOVED having Rillz show them cooking skills last time and wanted him back. Anyway, last night Jeff took the boys to the store to buy the food. Jeff said that it was a huge learning experience for all of them but the list just said pork butt. They got there and had no idea which one they should get. Jeff text Rillz for a better description. Jeff had me laughing because when he described it he said that it was something like a Boston Butt. Boston butt!? What is that. He told me Rillz said something like a Shoulder Cut Boston Butt. I was laughing so hard! Say that about 10 times. It will having you laughing too. As Jeff and I were watching TV late last night, one of the PBS channels had the America's Test Kitchen people on it. AND they were talking about pork and different cuts. Actually I don't even know what they were actually demonstrating because Jeff and I immediately gravitated towards the gigantic pig behind them with the different cuts drawn out on its sides. We were laughing so hard and then we were in awe that ham is actually the pigs bum and shoulder butt is the upper shoulder section and picnic roast is the lower shoulder portion and then so on. I found it funny that we had an entire conversation about Shoulder Cut Boston Butt and then this pig outlining it on TV. We then crashed into bed after that.

Lately I have been thinking of other stupid cooking things that I have done in my past and they make me laugh. These both happened while living in this house so about 5 years ago. I am so dumb when it comes to cooking, actually I should say I was so dumb. I have actually wised up with all of the things I have learned from blogs. Anyway, I was cleaning out the chest freezer in the garage and ran across an entire 1 or 2 bags of Rhodes rolls that had thawed a little and were a total blob when refrozen. In my dumb mind I thought they were goners. So what did I do, I just through them on the top of the garage garbage. (Now I realize I could have done so many things with the dough like remade the rolls, made pizza dough, really it could go on). The next day the lid of the trash can was totally popping off. The dough had expanded to huge proportions. It was pretty funny and Jeff was beside himself with what I did. Yes, he knew that other things could be done with it.

My other retard-o error was along the same lines. I was cleaning out the deep freezer and we had lots of cow bones or big game bones that my dad had given us for the dogs. They had been in there for a long time so I decided to throw them away. By the way, every time I did these things, it was not really that near garbage day. Anyway, I proceeded to throw out the freezer burned meat in the trash can. Little did I realize, the trash can had a hole in it and it was not the best to have raw meat sitting in a garage. About a day later, we were in the garage, noticed blooding trailing to the low spots (like under the work bench and near our inner wall) and little tiny white maggots everywhere! It was SOOOOO gross! And not very fun to clean up. Learned my lesson there. Do it the night before or morning of garbage day and maybe put it in a trash bag. Gross! I've since come to my senses a little and will never repeat those mistakes.

Shoulder cut Boston Butt. Seriously say that a few times fast and it will have you laughing...okay maybe just me.

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Brittney said...

You never cease to make me laugh like crazy!! You do the funniest things! I'm glad that you learned from your mistakes and that PBS is just as educational for the kids as it is for you! Lol!!!