Monday, November 7, 2011

Where Have All The Posts Been?

Boy am I so behind. That awfully behind. I was looking at really old posts about Gunnar for something and was reading through some of the stories that I wrote about him and am so thankful that I did. There were so many things that I completely forgot about or easily would have forgotten if I hadn't written them down. It confirmed to me how important it is to document everything from the mundane to the expected. But it confirmed to me how I really, really need to print these out in a book. I'm one of those that haven't and now my blog has gotten so long that the book would be big and I just shut down from being overwhelmed. I know I am so behind. I still need to finish our trip to Hawaii and now Halloween. The birth of a new niece and nephew a couple of weeks ago and another niece in two days. I need to document more of random life because I loved reading about those the most. I don't know what it is. I have felt so off for a few months now. Where it just seems like I am wondering around doing nothing. I just feel so tired or lazy or unmotivated. I need to snap out of this and make changes in my life to become more productive and useful.

Just a few random things. Brecken is a TANK! That boy can eat and eat. He loves to eat. I'll give you an idea how this child will eat us out of our home. He can easily eat 4 oatmeal packets on his own. He can eat 3 toasts with jam and right now is eating 2 but had cereal as well. Two nights ago he ate 6 waffles and they are like the Eggo waffle size and two sippies of milk. Mindy and Rillz took our boys for the day on Saturday and went to Chinese. They were floored with the amount of food that child packed away. He is constantly signing to me that he wants to eat. All.the.time! We sure love this boy but I am going to go broke buying food before he turns two. You have to remember he is only 16 months old today.

My Paparazzi Accessories business has been keeping me very busy. Almost every single Friday and Saturday are booked this month with Open Houses or events and then I have Tuesdays and Thursdays sprinkled in there too. I have been having so much fun with it and the reaction to the product is that of excitement and astonishment that they can afford fun stylish accessories. I have a Facebook page now. You can check it out even if you are not on Facebook. I have two friends consultants under me and a potential 3rd on the way. This opportunity has been really fun thus far. Want more information about it, let me know.

Gunnar has been enjoying school more and more and he is doing so well. We were told at Parent Teacher Conferences that he is average and where he should be. That makes me happy considering the things he didn't know going into kindergarten when other kids were so far ahead like letters and numbers. He is picking up on Spanish pretty well. The other day he said, "Como estas mom?" It made me laugh. Full day kindergarten can be long but he has been handling it really well and enjoys his time there. He has made great friends with John in our ward and another little boy Henry. Unfortunately Henry moved away about a week or two ago. It stinks when that happens. He tells me about everyday they play dog catcher with 3 little girls. Basically it is chase. He is a good boy...he really is and is growing more and more. Daylight savings yesterday has been interesting. My kids don't know it happened and don't really sleep in because of it. So much for getting my extra hour of sleep. It now gets lighter earlier in the morning and darker earlier at night which is great. Gunnar had no idea it was 7pm last night and not 8pm because it was SO dark already that he happily went to bed. It was quite nice. He did wake up a little before 6:30 this morning which I was not ready for. He was awfully proud that he woke up before his alarm went off. I think I can get used to this early bed time though. We'll see how long it lasts.

So do any of you watch Parenthood? I love that show. It is clean and reminds me so much of typical family like and relations with extended family. Jeff and I are totally into it and can't wait for Tuesday nights every week.

Well, this turned into a very random post and now I need to get onto other things. :)

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Mindy said...

Yep... that Brecky boy knows how to eat! Holy cow! Good job posting. I am so unmotivated too. The funk needs to go away. The daylight savings messed Jack up this morning. He woke up early and so it felt like forever to him until school time. He asked me why he was going to be late for school. Haha.

HeidiT said...

You definitely need to do a blurb book. Did you know they have them on Groupon at least once a year? I have done 2 now through the deal and it's nice because they have an expiration date so it makes me motivated to work them before I lose the deal.