Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Goals

I always have intentions of writing out my list of goals at the beginning of the year. It never happens until this year. I need to do it. I need to focus on a few things and really strive to achieve them. The longer I do them, the hopes is that it becomes habit right?

Today I was reading yesterdays paper and it had snippets from local people about new year's resolutions. One of the local, elected people said, "If I made a New Year's resolution, which I don't, I would not tell anyone due to the likely event of failure to follow through. I wish everyone a very happy new year and good luck with your resolution." Seriously!? That just rubbed me completely the wrong way for some reason. What a loser is what keeps going through my mind. His response was almost in a mocking way too. Does he realize that making goals is good. In fact our church leaders and most likely very successful people will say that making goals is key to progression and improvement with oneself. Plus, writing them down and/or making them known to someone increases the likelihood of actually achieving that goal. That other person or persons helps keep you accountable. It would also make me more aware of my goals. It would solidify what I really want to work on by writing them down. I like how he used the work "likely". Sounds like he never follows through on anything. Interesting to know when he is one of our elected officials in our town. And his last line is the best..."and good luck with your resolution". Totally making fun of everyone that has made goals for themselves. Anyway, it all just hit me completely wrong today.

So with that being said. I made goals! I made goals for myself and for my business. Last year I didn't really make any so I have no gauge for my progress. This year is a fresh start with a new perspective on where I want to be by the end. I broke them down by Daily Life Goals and Spiritual goals.
-I want to read my scriptures daily. It just needs to happen. My life moves more smoothly by doing so.
-I need to act on promptings sooner. You know when you get that prompting that you should just call someone up, or take them cookies, or go up and talk to them. Yep, I get those and usually don't do a darn thing. My life would be so much fuller and richer if I did it. I just know I will be blessed by doing so. You never know where those promptings lead or who they will in turn bless.
-I want to have someone new over for dinner or drop off treats to someone once per month. My awesome friend last month makes cinnamon rolls and gives them out to friends for Christmas gifts. She mentioned how she wished she could give them to everyone and had to whittle down the list. It got me thinking about giving. Why couldn't we make treats throughout the year and give them away for no reason really except we were thinking about that family. That is what I want to do.
-Go to bed by 10:30pm at night and wake up at 6am every morning. I have been going to bed way too late and waking up way late and then kicking myself every morning about my choices. It frustrates me that I don't eagerly wake up at 6am like I did before Gunnar started school.
-Continue to purge the stuff. We've been pretty good with this. Just one of those things we can always be better at. Gunnar heads back to school tomorrow which means I can get rid of those things that need to be gone when he is not around.
-Tidy up the house every night. Makes morning worth waking up to if it is clean and easier to do if I don't let it get out of control.
-Keep the kitchen table cleared every day. Do you know how hard that is? At least it is at our house. The table tends to be the dumping ground sometimes. Keeping it clear is freeing to the soul I think.
-Coupon more. I've fallen off the bandwagon and really need to jump back on. I know the potential to save and how nice it is to have food built up. Our stockpile is getting low and I am sick of paying too much for basic items I should have downstairs already.
-Pay off unnecessary credit card debt. This stuff has to go. I think we can all agree. And by couponing, I can shift my money saved towards paying off debt. That is the plan anyway.

So this is the 2012 plan. I am excited about these goals. I think they are attainable. They feel attainable anyway and that is what you want right? Why would you set a bunch of goals so far fetched that you end up failing.

I do have my Paparazzi goals too which I am excited about. I would hate to bore you with them but I am excited and the company is absolutely exploding with growth. 2012 is the year to join!

Here's to 2012. I'm feeling it will be a great year!

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