Sunday, January 1, 2012

He Melts My Heart

These were taken November 7th not long after he learned to really walk. At this point in his walking career, he was working on standing up from where ever he happened to be. Before he would have to crawl over to something so he could pull himself up and then continue on.

This day was nice and my little guy needed to get a little fresh air. I am so in love with this little boy. He is so funny. He has the best, random personality quirks. He is similar to Gunnar in some ways but most definitely his own little individual. He loves to cuddle far more than Gunnar ever did. He is SO talkative. Can't understand a single thing he says but he will carry on a full blown conversation in "Brecken" with you as if you did. He is a jokester and works pretty hard at making you laugh. He LOVED music! Gunnar did too but it was not as strong as Brecken's love. This kid moves to the sound of the piano in church. We know we can keep him entertained when a hymn is being sung. During the speakers, forget it. He is way too busy. He loves beating on anything to hear the noise, he loves the radio and starts shaking his little body. His dance moves have even evolved. It went from normal baby/toddler movements to this move he makes with his arms and fingers that looks like he is a flamenco dancer. I told Jeff that if he doesn't sing, dance, or play a musical instrument somewhere down the road, something seriously happened. He has rhythm in his soul. This kid has Hawaiian blood running through him. He can tan pretty easily, he loves the music, the food and he is a stocky, thick little thing. Just tonight I was noticing that he is all torso and no legs as he was running around in a onesie. With a big head of course. Our friend April calls it the HPH. I asked her one day what that meant...the Hundred Pound Head. I found that pretty funny. Most recently he has been folding is chubby little arms and mumbling his own prayer as someone is giving it. Pretty darn cute. Within the last week as Gunnar finishes his night prayers, Brecken runs over to him, gives him a little hug (while patting his back) and then a kiss. He knows it is time for bed and has the routine down. The other night, he did that in the middle of the prayer. Gunnar had no idea what to do and managed to get through the prayer as he was being tackled with a hug and kiss. Brecken is also the most accident prone kid I know. He always has some sort of bruise or owie on his head. It is is mainly on his head and no where else. And the closer it gets to something, holiday...the more hurt we know he will become. It just happens that way. He also bangs his head on the ground to get attention when he is super mad. Something we are not a fan of.

This guy melts my heart. I just love him so much. These little Robeez boots were something he was obsessed with. He wanted them on all of the time. They were warm and easy to walk in without the huge hard soles. We just wear them as indoor shoes now. They looked brand new when Gunnar wore them. He did not crawl as long as Brecken did, which we thought would be foever.

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HeidiT said...

Ren came home yesterday from picking up Cami and told me how cute Brecken was being when he saw him. I love that little bugger. He is so sweet with Cami and always protects and watches out for her. He's one special boy.