Tuesday, April 17, 2012


We sure love our sweet golden boy. I wish he listened better but he is a really good boy. He is SO good around our kids. I love that they can play out there now without him getting so excited and knocking them down. It helps that our kids are getting older and he is getting older as well. He will be 3 this year. So exciting. I am hoping it is the magical age where he starts mellowing out a little. At least that was Ren and Heidi's experience with Hurley. This golden is a true golden through and through. He is an absolute goof ball, fetches everything around the house, loves his kids and family, and smiles all of the time. He never has a bad day. I love how he is fur is maturing and getting more older golden looking. His tail is all filled out and it looks like he is getting a skirt on the bottom half of his body. He is such a pretty boy.

A while ago, Jeff and Gunnar slept outside in a tent. Jeff told me that Diesel slept outside the door the entire night. He probably wanted in so badly but settled on being this close. He sure loves to be a part of the family. What a sweet guy.

2 clever remarks:

HeidiT said...

Makes me miss our Hurley boy! I'm not around Diesel much, but it seems that he's starting into the more mellow phase.

Mindy said...

He is much more mellow! But still stinkin huge!