Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Some things around my house need revamped every once in a while and I am sure your house is no exception. I found these awesomely huge square frames at Savers a while ago. The best part is that they happen to be 50% off that day making them like $2.50 each. I bought all that they had and finally got them up. Well, Jeff got them up after I botched the task. I've gone back and forth about painting them. Who knows. I just wanted them up. I kind of like the gold in them. The colors work well for our front room. The prints in them are 12x12 so the frames are a nice size.

Another project that I worked on was our dining room light. I love this light! I found the idea on Pinterest and just made my own. The wire baskets are actually those plant hanger baskets that usually have the cocoa liner in them. Then I found an old brass fixture at Habitat for Humanity ReStore. My dad and Jeff worked on rewiring it and putting it together and I spray painted it and Jeff hung it. I love it. It makes TONS of light.
I also love the color. Just a little something different than I would usually pick. We plan on painting all of the walls gray. You should see all of the paint samples painted around my house right now. I think we finally have that narrowed down to the choice.
Spring break was a couple of weeks ago so I had all three kids a couple of days a week. Gunnar was thrilled to have Cami over and it was actually pretty easy having them all together. Some of you are probably laughing right now but Gunnar can get out of control and disruptive to the routine. He was actually really helpful and fun to be around for 2 weeks. However I was glad that it was over and he went back to school. Summer break should be interesting.

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HeidiT said...

The new frames and light look great. You've got a big project ahead with all of the painting but it will look great when done! Gunnar's my go-to boy when we're babysitting, he's constantly having to go get things for me. I can see how he could quickly become a disaster though too with the little ones...a whole summer with all 3 should be interesting ;)

katy said...

oh cute all the little cousins together. That light is so cute. I really miss you guys. I love all my cousins but I just really really love your family. You should leave your mom longer than 3 days. I love it when she stays for a long time. I wish she lived here I hate it when she goes home. When she is here everything just seems better.