Monday, June 18, 2012

Bend 2012

We love Bend, Oregon. We just do and it helps that every year for the last 3 Jeff has had a work conference there. The rest of us tag along and play all day for several days. We just love it and we have lucked out with beautiful weather every single time. We took a little walk down one of the resort paths and encountered two deer just hanging out around the condos. It was fun and the kids were just intrigued.

I love how deer have these pretty long eyelashes and can do amazing things like whip their heads completely around the check you out. Pretty crazy if you ask me. The thing has got to have a neck ache from that.
When in Bend, we do lots of playground adventures. Mainly because they have lots of really awesome playgrounds every where but because my two boys need to get their energy out. It was fun chatting with local nannies or chatting with stay at home moms that I totally clicked with. There was this one that I would seriously become friends with because our kids just clicked, were about the same age and she was easy to talk to.

I was determined to spread the Paparazzi love in Bend. I was pretty sure that nobody carries it there yet and I was going to change that. I researched my target boutiques first which were mostly downtown, loaded up Brecken in the stroller with Gunnar in tow, a bag full of Paparazzi to show and we were off. Gunnar was so over walking all of downtown Bend. It was nice weather and pretty fun walking the sidewalks. 

One day I did go to nearby Prineville. A lady that used to live there directed me to several places so I had to go. It was also fun to see where our really good friends moved from. They have a rental house there. Prineville felt like a blast from the past. We went to Arctic Circle to eat lunch and I seriously felt like I walked into a place that just opened in the 70's. It was so old school but fun. The entire town was like that. 

Our last day there, I just had this nagging feeling that I needed to visit one last boutique that I spotted earlier but it was not on my list. It was in the lower level of a building so I knew that my stroller would not work and from prior experience it was hard to contain my boys and do a sales pitch before I felt that I needed to get them out of there as fast as I could. I needed to visit this boutique. So I dropped Jeff and the boys off at the very top of this really large butte called Pilot's Butte in the middle of town. They were going to walk down it while I went to this boutique. I am SO glad that I did because she signed up with Paparazzi before we even drove out of town and has been doing great ever since. She is one awesome lady and we just clicked. I'm excited for her because she said that she had been thinking of getting a jewelry line into her boutique but not sure where to start and had not had time. And then in walks me. Seriously, I was the answer to where she wanted to go. It was awesome and I made a great friend and team member from it too!
The timing was great. They were done walking the butte and I was done with business stuff. But the walk did not come without a mess. They were SO dusty! But happy and tired as can be.

 I am so surprised that Brecken even let Gunnar that close to him. Don't let him fool you. He is a little stinker and very picky when Gunnar comes around. It is probably a result of Gunnar being such a turd towards him. The joys of being brothers.
 Jeff said that Brecken just reached a point where he was so done with it all. He wouldn't move. As you can see he is totally ignoring Jeff.
 So what do you do when you are tired you might wonder? You lay down in the super fine dirt of course to take a rest.
Then you get up, grab a pile of brush to play with and act like nobody else is around you. He is a character for sure.

The ride home was actually nice. Both kids fell asleep. You see on the way there Brecken did not sleep once! The entire 6 hour ride over he was wide awake. He was a pleasant wide awake just starring out the window and everything but he was wide awake. We were shocked. He is like me and does not want to miss anything. Gunnar did sleep a little on the way there. But on the way home they were exhausted. Here is hoping to another trip to Bend next year!

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Mindy said...

Long eyelashes like Bambi the deer or the hooker? Haha! Looks like fun. Brecken is so funny with his cheesy picture smile! And Gunnar looks like he is having so much fun!

HeidiT said...

That's pretty fun that it's become a little tradition to go to Bend every year. Luckily the weather is usually nice and there's lots of good parks so you guys have fun stuff to do while Jeff is working.