Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Eve Blah!

Christmas week started out rough for us. Gunnar started throwing up the day before Christmas Eve. Thank goodness that kid can take care of himself. He can make it to the bathroom every single time, doesn't really need a bucket and just very independent when it comes to being sick. I just have to reassure him that everything is okay, to wash his hands lots to keep away germs and help him with little things to keep him hydrated. Unfortunately, Christmas Eve early morning, I came down with the same thing. It was awful and things like that never seem to end. I had a one day stomach bug when I was pregnant with Brecken as well and it was not fun then. This baby moved TONS for the 10 hour bug that I had. I think it was partly because my insides were just messed up and awful but I also liked to think that he was telling me that I would be okay and that he was completely okay. It was reassuring to feel him so much.

Unfortunately, Gunnar and I missed out on some of our traditional Christmas Eve fun. We always go to a movie and look forward to it every year. We were bummed but better off staying home and resting while Jeff and Brecken went. I was determined to make it to the dinner later that night. Not to eat, but to give Cami our present to her. We had the Tracy's this year and I went in total overdrive for Cami. I was stoked! Unfortunately I did not get a single picture that day because I was just excited to be there. It was that bad. I sat in a recliner and didn't move at all. I could hear everyone talk about how awesome the bacon was etc and I didn't eat any of it. Instead I packed my own bananas, applesauce and 7up. Yippee! Because I wasn't feeling well, I didn't get a picture of Cami's loot. I initially bought her the movie Wee Sing Sillyville. We had this as a kid and I think everyone needs this movie. It is the best. Mindy has already requested it from me for her kids. My boys love it and apparently Cami does too. BUT then I found out she was getting a baby doll from Santa and I went crazy. I was at a craft bazaar with Paparazzi and the lady next to me made little doll clothes etc. She had little diapers with booties so I bought 2 sets and then little jammies. And then my mind went crazy. I made her scaled down burp cloths, a small baby doll blanket, wipes case and wipes and the coolest baby doll diaper bag ever! I was SO proud of myself and it was so easy to do. I really need to get a picture of everything. It sat on our counter for a while and every time I would walk by, I would look at it. Jeff teased me every time. I was that proud and excited about it. And the best part is that it was all made from scraps and just required my time. For Ren and Heidi we bought them huge cans of hot cocoa from the cannery and a big container of those dehydrated marshmallows. They loved it and I knew that they loved that kind! I loved the presents we gave this year.

They got us a season's pass to the Discovery Center!! I am SO excited. The boys and I will have fun this summer going and checking out the special exhibits they have. I hope to make it to a few of the preschool days this year as well. They also have the Bodies Revealed exhibit going right now. I want to go so bad but really didn't want to pay the price to get in. Now we can get discounted tickets into it because we are season pass holders! Double score!!

Even though I felt cruddy Christmas Eve this year, I was so thankful that I was still able to spend time with my family. I love my family so much and we always have a great time no matter what we are doing.

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HeidiT said...

I need to take pictures of Camden's baby stuff for you -- they're so cute and she loves them! Sadly the marshmallows are already like more than 1/4 gone, that's how much we love cocoa. I had no idea they even sold those mini ones.