Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Oh Iris...

Brent and Noelle had their anniversary a few weeks ago and asked me to watch Iris. Heidi warned me that she may cry for hours. Oh Iris...poor thing...she just wails forever. I knew she had to have been tired. She fell asleep on the way to my house. Brecken was SO excited to have her over and kept trying everything to make her happy. He even got new toys out hoping that would help. It didn't. Both of them took a great nap and when they woke up, Gunnar was home from school. That helped quite a bit for Iris to have Gunnar around trying to make her happy.

I'm glad the boys got to spend more time with her. Since they've been gone so much since she was born, they haven't gotten to know her as well and I'm happy they got the time together.

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HeidiT said...

Poor, poor Iris and her separation anxiety. At least you got a few pictures of her having some fun!