Saturday, July 6, 2013


Boy has it been too long and boy do I really miss getting life down in writing. It's true, the 3rd child throws your entire world upside down. You are thrown for what feels like a never ending loop. It feels like I will never catch up on anything and before I know it, the week is to an end. By the end of the day, I have so much that still needs done but I have no energy to accomplish it. Therefore nothing gets done. It feels never ending. And all within the 3 short months of having Trenton, Gunnar is home for the summer and Brecken has stopped taking regular consistent naps. It makes for some really long days. One of the things that I do regret is writing about Trenton's birth while I was in the hospital like I did with Brecken. I'll have to get that a little later.

What has been on my mind lately is what happened on Sunday. Jeff was called into the Bishopric as the 2nd Counselor. Being called or having the calling is not really what I want to focus on. I sensed for years that we would find ourselves here, so it was no surprise to me but once the call is actually made, it's a really humbling thing. I know it will bring great blessings to our family but it will be some hard times too. I'm going to be a widow in Sacrament meeting with 3 young BOYS for who knows how long. Should be great entertainment for our ward. The Relief Society President has already asked me if they need to make a special assignment to someone to help me out. haha. We'll give it a few weeks and see how it goes...

What I really wanted to talk about is other's reactions to calling like this. It's a little strange being on the other end of things (even as a wife to the person called). The Bishop remained the same but the counselors were changed only. After Sacrament, so many people were telling me congratulations for the calling Jeff just received. It was a little strange. To me, congratulations implies that we ran for some sort of position or office and won. Or that the calling was more important than any other calling (I didn't get highly congratulated for becoming a primary teacher). It was just weird and to congratulate me? I know that people most likely didn't know what to say. Many did tell Jeff that he would do a great job, or they were excited to work with him. Those are far more appropriate. When the stake president extended the call, Jeff asked how appropriate it was to have family come. We've seen some where so many family members showed up to support that it was incredibly obvious what was happening and who was getting the call. He mentioned that some people have family come and some choose not to. It's really up to us. But he did say that so many people look up to Bishopric members, almost too much, for teaching/direction/anything really, when he wished that members would put that amount of energy into seeking out that same direction from their Relief Society presidents or Elder's Quorum Presidents. Those auxillary leaders are there to also guide and direct those that they are responsible for and to take some of that load off of the Bishopric to allow them to focus on their many other duties. Those in the Bishopric hold an extremely important calling however, sometimes it almost appears that they are viewed more on a pedestal type status. They are also normal human beings. They are just like you and I. It's just been interesting being on this side of things with Jeff in leadership positions for years and now a Bishopric.

One of the fun things about being the wife of a bishopric member is that there are times when I am included in things. For example, the Young Women of the ward are having girls camp next week and the bishopric and their wives are invited to attend one of the nights. The bishopric is in charge of an activity and then a devotional type setting. The girl in me kicked in and I told Jeff that they have to bring something for the girls. Pinterest pulled through and I found these Personal Progress holders where they can keep all of their books together. I am excited to make them for the girls for the bishopric to pass out. I'm excited to go. We are taking Trenton but Mindy will be with the other two boys. We will be home the same night.

I'm excited for this opportunity for our family and Jeff. Trenton is 3 months, Brecken is just shy of 3 years and Gunnar is 7 years old when Jeff got called. It will be a learning and growing experience for all of us. Tomorrow will be my first Sunday alone and Jeff's Sunday to conduct Sacrament meeting. Wish us all luck!

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