Thursday, April 18, 2013

Empower Me Pink Tour 2013

Hannah Hamilton, Rachel Kirby, Me, Shauna Tuft, Jennifer Libengood, Jennifer Burton

Call me crazy but there was ONE thing that I was wanting to reach before having my baby. The Paparazzi Empower Me Pink Tour was coming to Boise the week before I was due to have our little guy. I wanted to be there so bad! I was determined to make it to that date. After that, I really didn't care. Members of the corporate team were touring only 10 cities around the country for a training so I didn't want to miss it. Plus, I was so excited to go with several of my team members.
In all of the excitement, I wanted to make something for my team that was there. I made these cute gumball and Sixlet candy things with a fun little card that I whipped up. I just love how they turned out.
One of my highlights of being there, was to reconnect with Rachel Kirby. She was so incredibly kind to drive up from Orem, Utah for my team. She also provided fun little gifts for all of us as well. I had SO much fun. 3 of us met up with Rachel beforehand for dinner and then all of us pictured went out to dessert at PF Changs afterwards. I wish I had a picture because I was totally making fun of myself at PF Changs. I ordered this ginormous chocolate cake dessert because it looked so darn good. Everyone else ordered these nice sized yummy things and here comes the pregnant lady...I just had to do it. I ended up taking some home too. It was that big. We stayed out until the restaurant closed, I had a great time with some of my team and so glad that my little man decided to stay put 9 days before his scheduled due date so that I could attend.

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