Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Doggy Chores

Gunnar absolutely loves being responsible for feeding the 2 gigantic dogs that we have. I have no idea really and it came out of the blue one day. So thus the start of Gunnar's first chore ever and probably a chore that he will have the rest of his life living at home. I just had to get a picture, because it is way to funny.

3 clever remarks:

nateandcole said...

Good for you...starting him young on his chores. Fun for him and you guys.

mandbrid said...

Could you please have Gunner come and teach my children?? Lucky you!

ahalversen (DBA) said...

So where are the pictures of your dogs? I LOVE dogs and especially big ones! We are planning on getting an American Mastiff once we get our house built. I'm so excited and so are the kids! How fun that he is already excited about helping...that's a good sign...not to mention cute!