Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Perma Bark is FINALLY gone!

Last year on Memorial Day, I found somone getting rid of A LOT of Perma Bark on Craigslist. If any of you have looked into how much this stuff costs, you will completely understand my excitement in knowing that I was getting this stuff free. But oh no, this came at a cost...time and a lot of hard work. This guy was helping a friend in the northend of Boise redo her flower beds and this stuff needed to go. Jeff and I spent all of Memorial Day shoveling truck loads of this stuff. The day was incredibly HOT. We were dying but so determined to get every last bit. Jeff and I did an entire truck and trailer load in the morning/afternoonish. Then my dad and Heidi decided to help for what should be the last load. We ended up filling another truck bed load and partial trailer. Holy Cow! They later admited that they did not realize how hard we worked to get the first load done. They thought that it was easier than it really was. So with this free rock, we were able to completely cover our front flower beds and the back large bed around our small water feature (we actually spread that last summer). Then the pile of rocks sat until today. The pile was huge and something needed to be done. And we actually had another half of steps to our door that were hidden. It is so good to see them again. We were able to cover pretty much all of the very large flower bed that lines the side of our very long driveway.

Gunnar got his little wheelbarrow for Christmas. It was always an inside toy until today.
He was such a good helper. He loves being such a big boy just like daddy.
Jeff would scoop a little shovelful into his wheelbarrow and off he went to the flowerbed.
He was able to push it by himself really well.
I had to redirect him a couple of times... but for the most part the bark made it where it was supposed to.

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Shelley said...

Now you have two handy men in the house. Cute pictures!

Camille said...

What a great little helper! Is Gunner available for hire.. I need a brick patio layed. : )

ahalversen (DBA) said...

Good job! I'm glad you finally got it sounds like a lot of work! And what cute pics of him helping. Very fun!

ahalversen (DBA) said...

Oh, and to answer your question about the scorpions...yes, they are all over around here, but only in certain areas. I have never had any problems and have always known the areas to stay away from when it came to buying houses, etc. This is a new one for me thougH! Ack! I hope that one was just a fluke and we won't see any more....

nateandcole said...

Just look at what we'll all do to get something free! We're in an older house too, and I've learned that we do things the hard way to get a better deal too. We have 11 interior doors sitting in our garage, and Nate has a lot of work ahead of him...but we got a good deal.

That's fun Gunnar can help now. This summer is already fun--Lila loves being outside running around. She always puts rocks from the sidewalk back into the gravel--we appreciate the help.