Monday, June 23, 2008

Can't beat a free lunch

The Treasure Valley has a free lunch program that feeds any 1-18 year old for the summer. The food is distributed at most parks in our community so you just pick one and go. Shelly and I decided to take our kids for the first time this summer last week. A line starts forming, the kids just stand there until the lunch boys show up and hand out the food. Gunnar so patiently waited in line with Shelly's three older kids. I was actually suprised that he did so well. Shelly and I layed out a blanket and just watched them. They had chicken nugget, pears, carrots with ranch dip and chocolate milk. They all liked it. The menu changes so you never know what you will get. Then they are just play for a while. It is actually pretty nice. My mom's ward plans play group around this. Pretty smart. Gunnar loves Leah, Shelly' baby. He is always running back to check on her or to say hi. Just too cute. He will be such a great big brother when ever that happens. *By the way, she is almost a 16lbs 3 month old. Isn't that hilarious.

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ahalversen (DBA) said...

They have that free lunch thing around here too. I just keep forgetting to take the kids! That baby is adorable :o)