Monday, June 23, 2008

Meridian Dairy Days

Mindy invited Gunnar and I to go to Meridian Dairy Days with her. This is the town that we grew up in and always went to the festivities. We were going in the afternoon so we missed the parade that night but oh well. We got there and the first thing the boys spotted was the play equipment. We were both asking ourselves why he drove all the way there just to play on it but they loved it. It was fun and different and Gunnar has gotten so confidant on these things. He picks the tallest slide and goes down all on his own. This big slide was great. It was bumpy and curved in the middle of it. Gunnar had no idea what to expect so it looks like he is going to fly right over the side. After the initial shock he was up for more. Jack climbed up there but was not as brave about going down on his own. It was so hot outside. Gunnar would tell us that the slide was a little "ot". Do ya think?! If he hadn't noticed, there were no other kids brave enough to go on them. I love the bright colored of play equipment. It always makes your pictures look great. This poor little guy gets so red. He has sunscreen on and he is not burnt at all. Just gets really red. So many people made comments about his little face. Of we headed and a booth had balloons. Mindy and I both realized that he did not know how to tie slip knots so Gunnar's balloon ended up on his hat. Later I found out that I did indeed tie a slip knot but I still don't know how I did it. We then headed to the barn where they had animals. After all this was not called Dairy Days for nothing. The entire event is centered around cows and dairy products. I thought Gunnar was going to jump out of his skin with excitement over these cows. It was crazy...he was going crazy. This was the only cow picture I got because I was trying to hold all of the crap...I mean stuff you pick up from these things and take a picture. We got to the goats the the owners took out a baby for us to pet. Gunnar was more interested in the ducks next door but Jack was in love! It was hilarious. He would hug the goats neck. Then he moved to hugging the goat around the belly. I wasn't fast enough in getting the pictures, but I did get one after all of the hugging. He was so happy. We then saw the horse and Gunnar petted it without hesitation. He has no fear when it comes to animals, big or small. We then just sat on the grass and let them run around before it was time to go.

3 clever remarks:

ahalversen (DBA) said...

It sounds like he had a great time with all the animals and the playground! I just can't get over how red that little kids face is though! Poor thing! He looks like he was burning up! :o)

Mindy said...

my poor little Jack. It looks like I don't take care of him... haha. His face was almost back to normal by the time we got home!

Camille said...

Oh my word... We've been to Dairy days so many time and I had NO IDEA they had animals there... Where's the barn?