Monday, June 23, 2008

I love a good find!

I love finding a deal anywhere. Doesn't matter if it is at a thrift store, garage sale or new at a box store. For some time now I have been wanting to get Gunnar a Mr. Potato Head, but then when I would see the price tag on some of them new, I would decide against it. Even for his birthday or Christmas I wouldn't do it. Our neighbors around the corner were having a yard sale on Saturday and of course I wanted to stop but did not have time or the chance. So after Hula I finally stopped. It was about 2pm by then. The first thing that I saw was this Mr. Potato Head. I was thinking wow this is perfec but what do they want for it. I turned the box over and saw $.50. Are you kidding!? I was stocked and immediately grabbed it. I was sure that I had change in the car. I also spotted a Cabbage Patch large horse and really wanted that too but knew that I didn't have $3 in bills in my purse or at home. They were selling so many of the old school things that I grew up with like the cabbage patch kid stuff and older Barbie things. The girls were in their 20's and told me that they are finally letting go of their things. My mom was coming to get Gunnar and I to go shopping so I told her about the yard sale and the horse that I saw. Lo and behold she bought it for me and paid $2. My mom commented on how Jeff was going to kill us because it has a pink saddle. When we showed it to Gunnar he instantly started talking to it and telling it about his mommy and daddy and pointing out its ears and eyes and hugging it tight all the way to the store. My mom told him its name is Nelly and it stuck. So now we have Nelly the Cabbage Patch Kid horse. Isn't it great. I never remember seeing these as a kid. And yes Gunnar got a boy Cabbage Patch Kid his first Christmas. He loves him and talks to him and wants to feed and change his diapers.

And the great thing about this yard sale was the nothing looked played with. The Mr. Potato Head that I got was in perfect condition. The paperwork was still in the box along with the plastic piece that held all of the other pieces together that you are supposed to throw away. Gunnar is in love with his new things.

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ahalversen (DBA) said...

Oh my gosh, how fun! I love finding deals too, but to find good deals in such perfect condition!!! How great! I have never seen those cabbag patch horses either, but I seriously asked for one of those dolls every Christmas growing up! I only got one, but it was amazing and played with her like crazy. How fun for you! Good job on your fun finds!