Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My digital scrapbooking slide show

I thought that I would start a slide show of all of the pages that I have done. I can just sit here and stare at them over and over. For some reason I just love looking at stuff that I do. Is that vain?

3 clever remarks:

Kristi said...

OOPs, that post was supposed to go to the one below! I LOVE all of your layouts Kristi! I especially love the horse one, the one with gunnar as a baby in sunglasses (the one with the sun) and the one with his bike. They are all so good! I love seeing your layouts! Thanks for sharing :o)

*Amber posted this on a post that i deleted. I added the slide show to the wrong spot.

Kristine said...

Your slideshow is great!!

Scrapmymemories said...

I love your pages! between your and Amber's blog I have been truly inspired to start digi scrapping myself!!! Thanks for so much inspiration!!!

And of course your not vain!