Monday, August 4, 2008

Saving Gas

Jeff works soooo close to home. He has started riding his bike to work. He found out that it takes the exact same amount of time to get there, then if he was in a car. He has been getting a great workout and saving gas money. How great is that. I guess the winter time will be different but for the time being, it is great.

2 clever remarks:

Amber H. said...

That's so great that he is doing that! It's great exercise and better for the environment too...good job to your hubby! Josh used to do that when we lived in Provo, and he even rode his bike in the winter too, through all the snow! He went on his mission to Finland though, so the snow and cold in Provo was nothing compared to that kind of cold! LOL!

Robert and Hannah said...

Good for Jeff! Robert keeps considering this, but with his two jobs he is struggling making it work.