Friday, January 2, 2009

Sharla in Sacramento

My mom has this co-worker named Sharla. Jeff and her husband Jake actually work together too. What a small world. Anyway, we were able to meet at a BBQ that my mom had at her house and we saw their sweet Camryn at Halloween. Gunnar just loves her and why wouldn't he. She is so stinkin' cute. Anyway, they drove down to Sacramento earlier this week and she wanted to visit. I was really interested in how my mom reacted to her since she was familiar but not in Idaho. This is what Sharla emailed me:

Hi, Kristi,

Sorry I'm just now getting a chance to write to you, but it's hard when you're at someone else's house and have a toddler to chase around (I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about...). I went and saw your mother the day before yesterday and she definitely seemed to recognize me. It as really great! When I got there, she was eating lunch with a nurse and your dad. She said that she recognized me and when I started telling her about Todd's new powerpoints, she even managed to crack a little smile. She did seem a little down and made a sad face when your dad mentioned going back to work, and he assured her that she would recover and be able to work again. I imagine that this has been so difficult for your mom because she is such a BUSY person! It must be killing her to sit around and not be able to do anything. She seemed really happy when we talked about Gunnar and Camryn playing at her house and how Gunnar threw Camryn's Sponge Bob on the cabinet. I brought three pictures from her desk at work and I think she was really happy to see the one that she took of you and your sisters when you guys were dressed in orange for hula. I thought she would like that one because not only is it of you guys, but she took the picture and it turned out really good. Your dad handed her the card from everybody at the office and she pretty much yanked it out of his hand to read it. That was really great!! She sat there and READ what people had written. Your dad asked her if she recognized the names and she said yes!! She is doing so well and looks really great. It will be great when she gets to come home though. Everybody else can visit and knowing her, she'll end up being on her cell phone during rehab and taking care of some business while she's at it :-)

You guys have a great weekend and happy new year!


This was so good to hear. It made me happy just reading about it.

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Sharon/mom said...

Aren't friends wonderful! I am so grateful to all the people that love your mom. It shows the love she has given in this life! Love you all, our prayers as you know are with you. I was grateful today for the gift of the fast, I have seen it work miracles. I fasted for your mom to be able to come back to Idaho, I know she will get more love and stimulation there.