Thursday, February 19, 2009

Quick potty machine update

Okay so Gunnar really isn't fully potty trained and unfortunately won't be for some time probably. However, lately he has been going potty on the toilet and then completely forgetting about potty money afterwards. What!? What happened to my sugar addicted child. Really it does make me happy that he is doing this. It means that he is more proud with his accomplishments than getting the treat.

2 clever remarks:

Camille said...

Just caught up on your blog.

So excited for how well Gunner is doing potty training.

You mom really looks so wonderful. I'm so happy she's doing well, and so excited for your family that she will be going home.

I'll keep your family in my prayers, especially while your dad is deployed. That had to be a very difficult decision. I'm sure the Lord will bless your family for his service.

Sharon/mom said...

Good for you!!!! I don't know why, but eventually they just forget about the rewards, thankfully! It took Lizzie forever to train Tanner, he is 4 and finally poops on the toilet! It was always my least favorite thing!