Saturday, March 28, 2009

I'm Featured

I've emailed the brain child of The Obsessive Shopper in the past with a few questions and now she has decided to feature me on her site for a shopping trip that I took some time back. Some of you may remember the post but here it is again. I was quite excited to read her email stating that she was doing this. Unfortunately I have not been as good with this since my mom's stroke. I really need to get back into it. Now that I watch my mom full time during the day, I usually eat about 3 meals there quite often throughout the week. This results in no food at my house. Reallyyou should check out her site and all of the others that have collaborated.

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The Nielsen Clan said...

wow thats awesome! I remember reading that post too. Oh and guess what I took your advice a was able to get a designer to okay me using her stuff... sugar plum paperie. I haven't used it yet but she said she would do a swap because she wanted a chichi cover. kind of cool huh? thanks for you digi help and advice I really appreciate it!