Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sound Sleeper

We have a big boy bed in our midst. I finally got the other room cleaned out. It used to be my craft room until that was moved into our large office area. And Gunnar and I finally set up his bed. Grandma bought this for him a while ago so he was pretty excited to see it set up. He is in a regular sized twin because we have been storing two sets my parents gave us for some time. No need to transition to a toddler bed. I have since cleaned up the floor and bought a navy blue bed skirt which makes it look really good. We still have so much to finish in that room. It is coming along as we...well have no time. Since I have been reading all of these home decor blogs, I have been going nuts with project ideas. They seriously are so easy with great impact. I will show some as soon as I get them done.

So back to the reason I originally posted. This bedding did the trick. It worked like a charm in getting Gunnar to sleep in there. We put Gunnar to bed in his new bed (somewhere around Feb 14th-can't remember the date) and waited for him to come out. He didn't!! I was shocked. Next night, same thing. He didn't come out. I think that there has been a night or two that he will turn on his light and do who knows what for about 5 minutes and then turn the light off and fall asleep. He usually goes to bed about 8:30pm so we don't get him as tired as possible to make it work. He now asked to go to sleep in his new bed. That is how he refers to it still. I wonder how long he will being saying that.
Waking up is a different story. The first morning it was 7:30am. Aaaagh! I don't want to wake up that early. It has pretty much been the same ever since. There was one morning it was like 1am. I think it was because he fell out of bed. He came to us just crying so bad. He slept with us the rest of the morning. Poor thing but it didn't scare him from going back. He usually comes to my side of the bed and says, "mom, awake!". But I wish that you could hear it because he does not say awake normally. The letter a has more of the ahhh sound. This morning he did wake up at 7am and Jeff asked him if he knew how to sleep in. He doesn't. But in reality he will be quite helpful when we need to get out the door to my parent's house so Heidi can get to work.
Right now I am on the quest for a wooden headboard that I can paint. I took a white wooden dresser that I found on craigslist and painted the drawers with chalkboard paint. I still need to paint the rest of it red. Pictures will come when it is done. I want to write on the drawers with chalk what is inside. I am also still looking for a nice big cheap picture frame that I can replace the inside with foam board painted with chalkboard paint for his room. This is just the tip of the iceburg. Didn't I tell you that I had projects in mind. I can't wait for the longer nights and reruns. Then I can work longer and don't really care what is playing on tv.

2 clever remarks:

Shauna said...

How fun that Gunnar is now in a big boy bed!! Cars bedding always helps entice any boy! Good luck with the early mornings.

Brandon and Katee said...

His bed is so cute!! And he is so cute!! I can't tell you how much I love that little guy. I'm glad the transition went well!