Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Gunnar!

Gunnar's birthday was actually yesterday. He is the big 3! Can you believe it because I can't. Time just flies by as the old saying goes. I am also starting to think that 3 is worse than 2. They are bigger and stronger and can talk better. He was such a fantastic 2 year old. Anyway... I love him where he is.

He is such a great helper. He is so good with my mom. He is thoughtful and cares for her. He is such a goofball. He will turn any situation into a comedy routine. He will be the kid that I get phone calls from the school for being a class clown. I just know it. He loves his aunts and uncles and cousins. He is the most social kid that I know of. He is friendly to everyone. He has a good self esteem. He will keep you busy and entertained.
Yesterday my mom got balloons for his actual birthday. He loved them! He was pretty thrilled. He went to Wings with Heidi so she made him cupcakes. He told me all about how he had cupcakes with his friends. We really didn't do much at home. We are planning a big party for him on Saturday. Heidi is going to make a Thomas the Train cake. He is really excited for his Thomas party. That is all that we hear about. He can now say that he is three after all day practice with Heidi. He knows for sure that he is not 2 anymore.
Brent is in town for a couple of days so we went out to lunch today. We went to a mexican resteraunt. The table behind us had a birthday and I realized that they could sing to Gunnar. The lady asked me if he would cry because they are LOUD! He was so pumped to get a hat on. They finally arrived, brought a cute little sombero out and he was stunned. He was a tad scared until the end when he finally warmed up. I'm tellin' ya people, it was LOUD. He told us that it was "Happy Birthday to me." So needless to say, he is having a week long celebration.

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Hannah said...

Oh Kristi I am so sorry. I fully intended to do something for GUnnar today at preschool but Jesse had a very bad morning and it through me completly off with everything. I have felt scatter brained all day. I will try to do something on Monday.

Amber H. said...

Happy birthday! I have to say that 3 and 4 is my absolute FAVORITE age! Right now he's still growing out of the two's, but then it is SO fun about 3 1/2. It's sad at the same time though because that's when they start to not be your "baby" anymore! Glad it was a good one for him!