Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hippity Hoppity

Easter was fun this year. Every year we head on over to my great Aunt Nancy's house for a hunt and a late lunch. It is so much fun to be over there with family. They are a fun bunch of people. The best part is that my aunt does all money eggs. They are all about the money. I brought the eggs with the candy. Gunnar walked away with $4.20. He was the kid with the most money. Poor Zoey had tons of eggs but only had like $.45 and lots of candy. Funny how that worked. Of course my great uncle was digging deep in his pockets for his spare change. Gunnar has the egg hunting down. He is becoming a seasoned pro after 3 Easters. He knows what to do. He was a hunting machine. He was fun to watch.
He also has the egg emptying down as well. You've got to find out what is in them, right? He loves the experience. Don't you think that the hippo pail is sooo cute. I got that for his second Easter. He was only 2 days old for his first. It was also great to see my mom out. She enjoyed herself and had a great time. Afterwards her and Mindy headed to the movies.
On Sunday we went to Jeff's mom's house in the afternoon for a BBQ and egg hunt. Gunnar was quite excited with the bucket that grandma had for him. It was a CARS bucket. Jesse and his girlfriend spread the eggs throughout a grassy field. It was actually pretty challenging because the eggs would sink into the thick grass. It was a lot of fun.

Gunnar also loved jumping on the tramoline. Something that I never plan to have at my own house but something that he can enjoy at other people's house. Jeff doesn't play nice even if he is with a 3 year old. He jumped too high or something and Gunnar got hurt. What's new.Jeff's aunt made yummy rice krispie treats. Love those things.We had a great Easter weekend of egg hunts and family time. The weather was perfect. What more can we ask for.

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Amber H. said...

I love the money in the egg idea. We almost did that this year, but then thought of it too late (Easter morning) so we decided to wait until next year. I am SO in love with the Eyore basket though! How cute is that??!! And Kristi, I just have to say that you are TINY girl! What is your secret? You look great!