Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bargains To Be Had

This week is a great week at my Albertsons in Caldwell. There is two but one is definately coupon friendlier than the other. I just had to share what I was able to get today on one of my trips in.

They had this gigantic mountain of Kraft Bacon and Ranch pasta. When this happens you know that a sale is to be had. Last night I was on my all time favorite thrifty blog, A Thrifty Mom, and she gave us the low down on this sale. You buy 10 boxes of the pasta at $1/box. Instantly you get $5 off for getting ten making them $.50/each. The kicker in the Caldwell store is that each box at a peelie coupon for $1 off 2 boxes bought. That makes them FREE! The store ordered in 5400 boxes!! That is insane. They also took off all of the peelies and keep them at the registers. So when you check out, they pull out the peelies. These guys are so smart and on top of the coupon thing. They anticipate a deal and stock up. They also know what some dishonest people do by taking the peelies off of the boxes and not buying. I love this Albertsons. Check out the link above because she has a picture of the mountain o' pasta. People were in there buying the blue displays worth. That is a lot. All that you pay is tax. They were even announcing the free deal over the intercom pretty frequently.
Anyway, this is what I bought and spent on this trip:
2 Bagel Bites $2
1 Airwick mini freshner $1.49 (regularly $11.99!)
2 Airwick I motion freshners $2.98
4 Hersheys syrups $3.96 ($.99 each!)
1 Raisin Bran $.49
20 Kraft pastas FREE
TOTAL: $11.02 including tax
(I used two doubler coupons)
I had a total of $92.48 worth of coupons used.
The best part is that I have $.40 off per gallon of gas saved up. I just earned, like, $.15-.20 of that today. The best part is that you never end up spending that much in the store.
*I plan on giving much of that pasta away to friends. My really good friend is at girls camp right now so she is missing out. I'll give her a few. Anyone else want some of these? I will give them to you if you can't make it to the store.
**No Joke: I went into the same Albertsons this evening and the entire display was being dismantled. That means 5400 boxes sold in less than a day.

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Kimberly said...

Mine don't have peelies. Maybe I should have asked, but I couldn't see anywhere on the box where one would have came from.