Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Home At Last, Home At Last...

My dad is finally home. It has actually been a week, but for some reason I haven't gotten to the blog to write about it. One would think that it would consist of picking him up and that is it. Not this time. My dad's flight arrived at 12:15am. Since when did flights come in that late. I seriously thought the airport was done for the night by then. My mom can't drive so I was the obvious choice because of the time. My mom then wanted Gunnar to come which was no big deal. We would all sleep in late that morning. It was so hard to stay away. I stay up late but this night was hard. Jeff felt left out that he wasn't really asked to come along. He wanted to come. 10:00pm rolled around and he decided to head to bed. That was the end of that. Mindy and Rillz also wanted to be at the airport but as I was leaving my house at 11:30pm, Mindy decided that she was going back to bed. They both had to work early that morning.

As we arrived at the airport, the normal happened. We saw my dad and got the luggage. However, he informed us that he was bit by a spider right before he left Iraq 5 days prior and his leg was super hot and he was in pain. So off to the hospital we went way to early in the morning. There were so many people there when we arrived. We must have been the tail end because it took us 2.5 hours of waiting for my dad to finally be seen. It was rather rediculous and my dad threatened to leave several times but we wouldn't let him. Right when we were all getting really irritated, he was called back. Gunnar and I waited in the waiting room. It had to have looked funny because Gunnar and I were both there and Gunnar was in jammies and we really had no reason to be there.

There are so pretty crazy looking people that come in the early hours. They already had this entire area sectioned off for flu people equipped with masks and a portable heater with blankets inside. There were a couple sitting there with masks before we got there. After about 3 hours they just left. They probably realized that they are so far on the bottom of the list and there is nothing that can be done anyways and decided to go home. There was this one girl that got dropped off at the door, she wandered in with a barf bag in her jammies and sat in a wheelchair. She wheeled herself up to the counter to check in. Thankfully they were not busy anymore and they took her right back. She was getting ready to throw up right there. If you know me well, you know that the sound, sight or smell of throw off sets me off. I seriously plugged my ears when I heard her start gagging because I would have a problem. A big problem.

At about 4:30ish am, I finally got my parents home and Gunnar and I in bed. Gunnar stayed up the entire time. He was wired. He didn't get close to falling asleep during this ordeal. I think he was too excited to have pappa home to miss any of it. As a friend pointed out, I never mentioned in my original post what happened to the spider bite. Honestly I am not entirely sure. My dad said they stuck a need in it to get the puss out. He said that it hurt extremely bad. The next day I had to pick up his prescribed medicines for it. He is actually doing really well now. Totally normal. He said that he got spider bites on his abdomen in the summer and they had to do some painful thing for that too. He still has some scares from that. Bugs are just plain yucky.

4 clever remarks:

Dee2 said...

So what happened with the spider bite? Did he need anti-venom?

Derek, Rachel and Cadence said...

I'm with you on the barfing thing.

I bet it's nice having your dad home!

Is the spider bite serious?

Brittney said...

I'm SO glad to hear that your dad is back safe and sound! Can't wait to hear how impressed he is with all your moms progress! Sounds like life is gonna get a little easier for you now! Maybe a baby in 2010?

Heidi said...

I still can't believe Gunnar stayed awake the whole night! What an energetic little boy, of course it helps that papa was his motivation.