Sunday, October 4, 2009

Typical Saturday

Every Saturday at 10:30ish am, my sisters and I head out for hula practice. It lasts a couple of hours by the time we get out of there and back home. Jeff is usually working on some project so Gunnar does whatever he wants. When that happens, the house is a total disaster when I get home. There might be some self serve snacks laying around and a chair at the counter. This last Saturday I found this:

And strangely there was a pitcher in the fridge with a lot of milk in it. Let's get a little closer:There is something in it. Let's get a little closer:

Gunnar empty out a section of our silverware drawer into the pretty-much-full milk carton.

4 clever remarks:

Dee Dee said...

Heehee wonder what things my little boy will one day get into. :)

Amber H. said...

oh my gosh that is too funny! I had a friend in high school whos little brother always took apart appliances, the tv, his mom's treadmill, you name it! Hopefully Gunnar isn't on the road to that Ü Maybe your husband should involve him in his projects..or maybe take a break for a while while you are gone instead of letting him run wild!

7packofbearss said...

Too funny. You gotta love daddy babysitting sessions!

Shauna said...

that's too funny! sounds like a busy boy without any parental supervision! ha ha! I love his imagination.