Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kaika the Dog

Ever since our sweet Rusty died this spring, Gunnar has latched on to Kaika...the one that never really liked him. We usually hear growls from her every day and crazy things coming from Gunnar. She tolerates in so incredibly well. I think she actually, secretly likes him. Gunnar wants her in the house all of the time because, "she is my friend best, mom." Kaika I think likes the one dog life. She got a new bed shortly after Rusty died. She gets to go to grandma and grandpas because she actually gets along with other dogs and we feel bad for leaving her home. She goes on quite a few walks. After the week long greiving she went through, she adjusted quite nicely. She adjusted enough to let Gunnar enjoy a show on her.

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Rose said...

So cute!! Poor doggy...lots her mate!!