Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mr. Potato Head Anyone?

This year my entire family (at least I hope so. I haven't talked to my parents and Brent and Noelle about it) are providing Christmas for a family through the C.A.T.C.H. program of Canyon County. The program strives to help 8 homeless families per year find a home to live in and then help them with many other things to get on their feet. Last week I was paying my water bill online and decided to read the city newsletter and there was the information to get involved. As a family, we have always done something like this every year. My mom has always been the one to find the family. I am so excited about this. Anyway, we haven't gotten the information yet, but I figured my chances were pretty high that there would be little kids in the house so I went for this deal.

Fred Meyer was having BOGO on Mr. Potato Heads. When I got there, they had three and they were all the same. I figured that I could donate the other or give it to Gunnar for Christmas. This guy goes in the tub too. The best part was the 3 coupons I had. I was able to get both of these for $6.49. That makes them $3.12 each! Is that not cheap and awesome. Mindy is going to see if she can find different ones at another Fred Meyer. They are selling pretty quickly with this deal posted in blogland.

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