Sunday, November 15, 2009

Zeitgeist Half Marathon

Before all of you think that I am the one running the half marathon...keep dreaming. Like no way. Not in a million years. I am more of a sprinter type girl, or at least used to be. Last Saturday, Jeff ran his first ever, and I have a feeling not his last, half marathon. He was pumped and excited and ready to go. We go there early for packet pickup and realized that it was a georgous day. Great day for a run. There were a lot of people out for this. It was funny because the 10 or so portapotties were sporting looooong lines when the race started. Thankfully the race starts when you cross the starting line and the thing on your shoes starts keeping track of your time.

Gunnar and I decided to kill time and meet Jeff and mile 11. While we waited we played in weeds in a field. In the middle of that field, Gunnar informed me that he needed to go the bathroom, not just #1. So that was his first experience pooing in nature.
Jeff finished strong. He completed the half marathon in 2:17:23. That is awesome. We left about an hour later and people were still finishing. Jeff said that there were a lot of walkers. I told him that if I ever ran something like that, I would make sure that I could at least run most of it. I would definately finish running unlike those that walked the last few feet across the finish line.

I am so proud of Jeff. Something that I wouldn't do but this is totally his think. Gunnar and I had a blast cheering on all of the other runners. Watching their different running styles was quite interesting too.
Jeff hopes to do the Sawtooth Relay next year. He needs to get a team together of several people. Each person runs 2 5-mile runs. Sounds like tons of fun near Sun Valley. Are you interested or know someone that might. Let us know!

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Penny Cluff said...

Wow, I am impressed. Give Jeff a big congrats hug for me.

Megan and Greg said...

Awesome! I so admire marathon runners- yet I think they are insane for having any desire to do such a thing. I'm glad it was such good weather. Gunnar pooing, hilarious!

Beth said...

Wow! I am really impressed! Good job Jeff! Congratulations!!

I might know someone who would want to do the Sawtooth relay with him next year.

The Elders said...

Way to go! I ran that one last year and only wished I could have this year, next year for sure. They are totally addicting so I'm not surprised that this isn't the last one for Jeff.

Hannah said...

Awesome job Jeff! I am like you though Kristi no way, I will stick to the 5K walks. Robert used to run alot and would love to do the Sawtooth, his problem is training time. Maybe they can work something out.

Lindy and Bryce Ellsworth said...

Congrats! What an awesome accomplishment!

Brittney said...

Hey there are a bunch of people in Star that have done this and he might be able to get on a team over here if he is interested! I don't know if it is anyone you might still know, Bruneels, Bairds, I think even Maria Simpson might have done it. Nice job Jeff!!

Shauna said...

way to go Jeff! I've always secretly wanted to run a marathon too, maybe someday! Looks like you guys had a fun day! Poor Gunnar having to do his business in the great outdoors. I won't even ask what you did for toilet paper! ha ha.

shellysanford said...

Hey I am a girl but would love too!!!!! I have been trying to talk Randy into but he wont.