Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Go Away Pinky Eye

New Year's Eve, Gunnar was going to spend the night at my parent's house. When Gunnar woke up from his nap, Jeff noticed that his eyes were gunky and pink. It got worse over night and traveled to the other eye. We picked him up and proceeded to try and locate a clinic open on a holiday. We managed to find one that they recently opened in the Rite Aid down the road. Sure enough it was a mix of viral and bacterial pink eye. Thankfully it cost us our copay and the cost of medicine. Why do these things happen on holidays. Pink eye is like head lice. You think you have it and your eyes itch for no reason. Jeff and I were so paranoid. Sunday was Gunnar's first day of Primary. We were determined to get this thing under control in time. Sure enough we did and he went.
He LOVES primary. He was so excited to go. He has two little buddies that just turned 3 in December. They were not liking primary. Who can blame them. Gunnar was able to play 8 months longer in nursery than they were. I've served in primary presidencies and for some reason it just now hit me that those little guys, they got messed over. Gunnar told me his one little friend cried for his mommy the entire time. His daddy had to come sit with him. I asked Gunnar if he had a good time. He told me he did but he also got this worried look on his face. He said, "but I don't know the songs mom." I told him he would learn them quickly. I had to laugh at that. At least that is the worst of his experience. He also got to wear his new outfit from grandma. Doesn't he look so grown up.

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Danielle said...

So cute. I love that outfit! How good that he enjoys primary. We had one kid who cried the WHOLE time during sharing time...but chilled a bit once we were in class. They are so cute.

Derek, Rachel and Cadence said...

Rachel said he was a dream to have in her class!

Heidi said...

He looks SO big in that outfit! I tried to ask him about it and he didn't really tell me much, glad he had fun.

The Woods said...

Sometimes I don't think age has anything to do with it. Devan has been 3 since February and the next oldest in her class just turned 3 in June. All 11 of the sunbeams were crying on Sunday. Once Devan got her snack she told me I could go. She sure loves her food.

Elizabeth said...

I love the sweater. He is so cute. My daughter also didn't know what to do on her first day of primary last year because all the kids were crying. She looked at my husband like "am I supposed to cry too?"

If he ever gets pink eye again you could try black tea bags on his eyes. A friend told me about this and it really works. You just soak them in warm water until damp and then put them on their eyes for a couple of minutes. It clears up within the day and saves a trip to the doctor.