Saturday, January 2, 2010


Our two dogs look like a big and a little twin. They are the exact same color. Kind of fun. Diesel is growing up to be a big boy really fast. He is going on 4 months this week and is big. Every week Jeff and I look at him and always comment on how he is starting to thin out and get his teenage features.
He is getting strong and one of the dogs favorite things to do is play rope with each other. Kaika has always loved this and Diesel has quickly picked up the love. He is so good at fetch. We ask him to sit and then throw the toy telling him to fetch. He is great at it and brings it back with come. He has been a lot of fun. We haven't had an accident for a while. We watch him like a hawk. The other day Jeff thought he latched the kennel when he took him out for the potty the other morning. Some time later I heard little paws on the kitchen floor. It scared me because nothing should be out. Sure enough, it was Diesel and he decided to help himself to Christmas decorations while he was alone. He is such a great boy at staying around us. He goes potty outside on command which saves my cold self this time of year. He is my big baby and I can't wait to see what kind of dog he grows up to be.

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Mindy said...

These are great pictures. Diesel is going to be a big boy. And where did all of this young energy come from with Kaika. She used to play with nothing and was grumpy. Must be a mid-life crisis for her. haha.

Amber H. said...

that is so fun that they are the same color! He is a beautiful dog and sounds like he is doing great with his training too. I'm glad he's ok after that jumping out of the truck incident too! SCARY!