Thursday, January 28, 2010

What's in the Toilet Bowl


Gunnar goes the bathroom by himself. When he goes poop he screams when he is ready for help. The other night, he was in there unusually long. Then he was done but flushed the toilet 3 times. Why 3 times? I wasn't sure but that was far from normal. A few minutes later he comes out and whispers to me that the toilet is broken. What!? I tell Jeff that he has to get up and check it out. I can't deal with whatever happened in there. He gets up and admires how clear the water is in the toilet bowl. We have clear water but he said that it seemed clearer than it ever has before so he flushed it. Instantly (like half a second) the water comes rushing out the top and continues until he could get to the shut off valve. I run for towels before the water gets to the door and carpet. Nothing came out but the water. We ask Gunnar what he did. He tells us nothing. Finally I ask him again, he gets really close and whispers, "I put a lot of toilet paper in there." I tell Jeff and he looks at the toilet paper. It was completely gone. I remember putting a brand new roll on the dispenser the day before. That is a lot of toilet paper! Thankfully the toilet flushed perfectly after that and we were good to go.

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Brittney said...

Gotta love little kids and the bathroom! We had a similar incident just about 2 weeks ago! I meade Jhn take care of it! LOL!!